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Tim D Peterson Sr. 

  "A Risk Taker"

 Artists in general take themselves way too seriously.  Me? No way.

   I want my work to "be enjoyable, so much so that even my subjects are enjoying what they are doing in my relief prints."

   "Through Ogden’s Eccles Art Center,  I have re­discovered youth in retirement through teaching grade school kids printmaking as an artist-­in-­residence for an hour or two at a time. We sure do have a good time. I am  grateful to raise heck, in  their classroom ­ just good old fun. I'm currently working on a series of prints entitled “Stinky Thompson", his dog-"Skippy", and his dad-"Panama Thompson", his Ma,"Tululah" - and Sister "Rootie", who live in Thompsonville, near the red rock country of Southern Utah."

   "I hope you enjoy the art as half as much as I have creating it. 

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