• Tim D Peterson Sr.

Grandpa Thompson, the Cow Libarian

Grandpa Thompson, or William bonner Thompson origainally moved into the area when the whole-in-the Rock gang settled in the Valley where Thompsonville is today. Local history books have little mention of this Fact. Grandpa would settle there and later marry Miss Kitty Smith-and Jones, And raise a son, they would later nick-name Panama that would become the River Boat Gambler on the Virigin River and own his own Sailing boaton the river, that would run from Hurricane to Thompsonville, Utah. Oh yes did I forget to mention that Thompsonville iwas near the path of the Virigin River, or it was at that time 1876 A.D.

To hide his real calling of cattle rustler, he went by the Title of Cow Libarian. He tried farming and then later wheat and corn, but just not have the touch raising crops as he did borrowing Cows

He was real good at the cow borrowing, so he eventually kept with it till the Law stepped in and slowed him down abit.


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