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One of the original Riverboat Gamblers

top row- Panama Thompson and the Riverboat "Delta Ann"

middle row- "Talulah" Thompson showing off her ear rings and "Panama" driving home

Bottom row- their children "Rootie" Thompson (Daughter) and "Stinky" Thompson -(son


He was christined Oliver Norton Thompson III. But his handle in Thompsonville and points West as "Panama Thompson" one of the original Thompson clan, which is south of St George, Utah a short distant. Believe it or not he runs a Riverboat on the Virgin River.

In earlier times the boat ran up and down the river from St George to Hurricane, UT.

His Wife is "Talulah" Thompson here shown wearing here Diamond ears, Panama won in a card Game in Paris France.

He has a son, "Stinky" Thompson and daughter, "Rootie" Thompson. The "Cow Librarian" and "Miss Kitty Thompson are his father and mother, and together they are founders of the Thompson Clan.

On the Riverboat, you will most likely lose your shirt, and whatever you own. After dark he is known to hangout in the back room at the Heart Burn Diner roamered to have a juicy card game usually most evenings. Enter at your own risk.


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