• Tim D Peterson Sr.

Things are Jumping at Night!

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

"Shake' Raddled and Roll" Thompson( real name - Norman Mangowics) plays Banjo, and sings like a bird, all the while accompanyed by his Band "The Off Keys", at the Thompsonville Heart Burn Diner. After eating gourmet food that is served in metal bowls. (The food is delightful no matter in how it is served). The chef, who looks somewhat, like a dog you, serves mean southern Utah Chilli. Things really start to jump at around 9:00pm during the summer and on the weekends, during the rest of the year. Come early for a good seat.

Again the food is delightful.

The Heart Burn Diner is located on the main street, in old town Thompsonville,Utah--just down the alley from The "Good-Ship-Lollipop-gift & book shop"

Heartburn Diner chef, Heart Burn Diner, and "Shake, Raddled, and Roll" Thompson


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