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Things have changed in Thompson R & D Dept over the years!

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Fun for all those at the R & D Department of Thompson Airlines. We started flying airoplanes and doing stunts before crowds.

We still stunts and pleasing crowds, but are latest invention "Swims through the sky" and looks alittle like a Fish. Very Secret Stuff are Fish Craft. The R & D folks have done something totally different. We have used the very latest is AIR TRAVEL. This baby really swims throught the sky, very little noise.

Wrong Way Thompson leads a double role as Stunt Flying ace to heading up the R & D Department at Thompson Airlines. The company's CEO is none other than "Panama Thompson.

Pictured below is "Wrong Way Thompson and the and the Thompsonville Stunt and Drill Team. plus the "Swim throught the Sky" Air Ship.

The Futre is now!

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