• Tim D Peterson Sr.

The Thompsonville "flying aces"- Drill and Stunt Team

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

   Wrong-way Thompson pictured here is driving home from a day of being upside down.  He was someone I sort of fashioned after my self-always flying by the seat of his pants, and never knewing when to keep his mind open - and his mouth shut!  Here he is stunt flying, just for fun, and not for a crowd.  Here he is flying under the Lake Havasu Bridge in Arizona.  He be loves to fly for the Thompsonville stunt flying Aces Drill Team. ( they stunt fly just because they can do it-jolly good fun)

   The fying Aces perform every Saturday night  or when ever 3 or more get together. on the plane field.  They love a good scrape, anything and anywhere you name it.  

   Come watch the action you, will not be disappointed. 


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